Funerals with Heart and Soul are here to help you with everything; we have put together a list of the funeral arrangements for you to consider to help you plan what to do when someone dies.

The initial arrangements depend on the circumstances surrounding the death, but the main points for you to consider are as follows: –

  1. If the death was expected and at home, call the GP or doctor who will arrange to attend to verify the death.
  2. If in a hospital, hospice or nursing home they will do this for you.
  3. If the death was unexpected, the emergency services and Coroner will become involved.

If the person has died at home sit with the person a while if you want to, there is no rush for arranging for them to be taken into the care of a funeral director.  Call Funerals with Heart and Soul when you are ready.

Give some thought about how much you and your family want to be involved in organising and holding the funeral,  and discuss this with us. Your wishes are very important to us.

If you are responsible for arranging the funeral, decide how much can realistically be afforded.

We offer a bespoke funeral service which means we will get involved as much or as little as you require therefore if full funeral services are not required this is fine.

  • Decide between burial / green burial and cremation.
  • Collect the Cause of Death Certificate from the doctor, hospital or hospice, and register the death at the local Registrar’s office.  The closest registrar to us is Calderdale Register Office, Spring Hall, Huddersfield Road, Halifax, HX3 0AQ. (01422 288080).
  • Meet with a member of staff from Funerals with Heart and Soul and decide a time and date for the funeral.  Discuss the style of the funeral; a traditional or more alternative ceremony, and whether you’d prefer a minister, a celebrant or a friend to conduct the ceremony.
  • Choose a coffin from our wide range including cardboard, wicker and woollen and transportation for the coffin on the day of the funeral.
  • Meet the person who will conduct the ceremony, and discuss music, songs, readings, speakers, eulogy, procession, candles, venue etc.
  • Arrange to visit the person’s body, if you wish.
  • Arrange flowers, and any donations to charity. Book a venue and caterers for gathering after the funeral. Consider a memorial or a headstone, and what to do with the ashes later.

We will provide full guidance with all of the above and will liaise with all third parties on your behalf.