Natural and Woodland Burials are becoming a popular alternative as people become more aware of the impact that traditional burials and cremation have on the environment.

The environment around is natural and the serene space allows for quiet reflection.

The majority of natural burial grounds only accept biodegradable coffins such as willow, cardboard or bamboo.

Graves aren’t marked with vertical marble headstones as they are in traditional cemeteries. Graves are either left unmarked (though logged on plans) or they have a small wooden marker or a horizontal flat engraved natural stone marker.

One of the advantages of these kind of graves is that they don’t have to be maintained in the way that old style graves do.

Many woodland and natural burial grounds discourage items being left on graves and they want only native trees and plants to be planted.

Most can’t allow a tree on each grave, as not all the trees would survive in close proximity to each other. The cemeteries that don’t allow a tree on the actual grave will have other areas where trees and shrubs can be dedicated to a loved one.

As with any burial, it is possible to have the funeral service conducted at the graveside or in a separate location prior to (or after) the burial. The service could be conducted by a religious or non-religious celebrant or by friends and family. Some Natural Burial Grounds have their own venue where services can be held.

The closest Natural Woodland Burial Ground to Todmorden is Tarn Moor, Skipton, only an hour drive away.